Med-Arb is becoming increasingly popular in the world of private dispute resolution.  It combines the collaborative self-determination principles of the mediation process with the guarantee of closure offered through arbitration. 

This hybrid process contains two distinct stages and offers both efficiency and clarity by setting out the path to dispute resolution at the outset.

By having a better idea of what arbitration will look like (if needed) as you mediate, you can better assess the reality of your options during mediation and select the path to conflict resolution that makes most sense for you.  By having an arbitrator already appointed, or an arbitrator selection process pre-established, there can be great cost and time savings in the event that arbitration is ultimately needed to resolve your dispute.

Marc's services include acting as both mediator and arbitrator in the med-arb process or filling either the mediator or arbitrator role and assisting in arranging for the selection of an alternate dispute resolution practitioner for the other stage of med-arb.  How this is structured should ultimately be based upon what is most comfortable for the parties and appropriate based upon the nature of the dispute.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details about how med-arb could apply to your conflict.   

Marc offers med-arb in person and online, or in combination, based on what is preferred and is often able to introduce further efficiency in the arbitration phase of med-arb when he facilitates it online.  For more about Marc's online arbitration services, please visit Arbitrate.Online.


Since September 2019, Marc has co-chaired the ADR Institute of Ontario's Med-Arb Section, which helps draw public awareness to this hybrid process, develops resources to support ADR practitioners who are considering adding such a service to their practice and to share his experience with how med-arb can be flexibly and creatively structured.


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