Condo Conflict Management & Mediation

Marc Bhalla is among the most highly decorated mediators servicing Ontario's condominium communities.

He brings an array of perspectives to empathize with all who are involved in condominium disputes.  Marc has lived in condos all his life, served as the President of his condo and gained experience as a  condominium law clerk. He appreciates the unique dynamics and laws that come into play when conflict emerges in the condominium setting.

Marc has been involved in designing and presenting a number of advanced level courses and workshops for condominium stakeholders, has written extensively about various condominium issues and utilizes the flexibility of the mediation process to offer customized mediation processes based upon the dynamics of a particular situation.

He currently serves as the 2nd Vice President of the Toronto & Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute and editor of the award winning Condovoice magazine.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a proposal or with any questions about how his services can help improve your condo conflict!

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